About Us

Sugar Linings Swag was started by Sierra Sandison: former Miss Idaho living with type 1 diabetes and author of the book "Sugar Linings: Finding the Bright Side of Type 1 Diabetes".

Our Mission

To empower people living with type 1 diabetes through humor, positivity, and community. 

(and, of course, help you channel your inner diabadassery)

About Sierra

Sierra Sandison, Miss Idaho 2014, is best known for launching the #showmeyourpump campaign and proudly wearing her insulin pump on the Miss America stage. Sierra now travels the country, speaking at schools, diabetes conferences, and keynoting at various events. She tells audiences of her journey from diagnosis to the Miss America stage, and spreads her message of overcoming adversity, as well as loving the things that make us unique, rather than hiding the things that make us different.You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @sierrasandison. She is also on Facebook

About the Book

With the launch of her book, Sugar Linings: Finding the Bright Side of Type 1 Diabetes, Sierra hopes to send a new message: one of hope and positivity for diabetics and non-diabetics alike. She tells her story, and also discusses the positive sides of living with type 1 diabetes: finding strength, making connections, and sometimes even forming priceless friendships with others facing similar challenges. She discusses how diabetes can help one discover his or her passion and a way to make a different in the world, develop a greater ability to show compassion and empathy, and other sugar linings that can make each of our journeys with diabetes a little less gloomy. By illustrating the sugar linings that can hold true for anyone--not just the ones unique to becoming Miss Idaho--Sierra aims to bring hope to those who may be facing a new diagnosis, and anyone else who may have a cloud casting an uncertain, but daunting forecast for his or her future. Autographed/personalized copies of Sugar Linings are available on this website, and blank copies are available on Amazon.

Return Policy


Sierra will be spending the summer riding her bike from New York City to San Francisco to raise money for Beyond Type 1, so Sugar Linings Swag will be closed until she returns. All purchases made after April 25th are final, as the office will be closed and no one will be able to do returns or exchanges. 

Thank you for your understanding, and if you would like to know more about Sierra's trip and the Bike Beyond team, visit: